old age, young age, celebrating cny

7 Feb

london 3.15pm 11.3C cloudy but bright. sunday 2016

it’s chinese new year eve today in london. nothing going on this weekend to celebrate it, as the celebration will be on next weekend, on sunday 14feb, which is also valentine’s day. (added.11.2.16 was on the bus going through chinatown and saw posters saying the parade and festival is on 13feb, not 14feb). added 12.2.16.looks like that poster was just saying that particular street will be closed on 13feb. the  main festival is on 14feb. 

i suppose it will be a good thing, because the chinese will be going to have their dimsum chinese newyear get together today, or their reunion dinner tonight without the huge tourists crowd coming in too.

i am sure london is so big, and with so many with the money to spend, that the restaurants on chinatown must be very busy today.

people will always want to celebrate it with a reunion meal; it is a chance and an excuse to get together with friends and family… though most of us will be having friends around rather than family, since our families may well be overseas. i wont be joining in, as i think i am past it… i just have a thought, here in uk , esp london, all the chinese businesses, eatingplaces are open for chinese new year. that is rather nice. because in malaysia, singapore, maybe even in china, many of them will be shut to give their employees a chance to go home for their reunion. i know that in malaysia, chinese new year , so many chinese owned businesses shut ,and i am thinkingof the hawker stalls where we lowly earners will rely on for our meals are all shut, forcing us to go to the malay or indian hawkers; it is quite boring for visitors or those single people with no family to eat with, to be there around that time. 

it brings back memories of my youth,though, to see others celebrating it with a reunion meal.  when we would do just what they are doing now… arrange to meet and have dimsum in chinatown. it was very busy though, and a bit of a scramble, with the staff overworked and the kitchen swept off its feet with the high demand. and queues of people waiting for the people to vacate and free up the table. the dimsum was hongkong style, so no yu shang,( tossing the cold fish salad) , that is a malaysian/singaporean invention. i have nice memories of those times.

now every year is more or less the same, and the effort of doing something , anything , becomes more onerous. is that what going old means i wonder? i think that is it really, the thing that separates a young person from a old one. to a young person,everything is new and exciting.  and if you get the strong feelings , you also get the strong despair… when you are young, every little thing seem like a world disaster and hits u hard… but when you grow old, things may not have that high excitement anymore, but u dont get into deep despair either.

 you dont get this high manic excitement of youth,  and it seems to compensate for that, u get this even equable feeling of a steady contentment…. at least that is what my life is like now.

i think when i was young, i was glad to get the high excitement, but now i am old, i like what it is now… an even keel of emotions.

maybe depression is the state when u are out of sync with your emotions and your desires. those depressed when they are young are those who want a even keel of emotions whilst youth gives them the manic high excitement of life and the deep despair that pairs with it… whilst those old people who are depressed are the opposite. 


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