ad blockers

8 Feb

london 7.25am 8C cloudy monday 2016

adblock plus is a program that allows us to block ads. whoever came up with it is a genius. because it got so successful,

Developed 10 years ago and downloaded hundreds of millions of times, the open-source software Adblock Plus is one of the most popular ad-blocking programmes, aimed at preventing intrusive adverts from popping up on the screen and tracking a user’s search history for commercial ends. link

they are trying to come up with a solution by holding this summit meeting with publishers to thrash out a solution. one wonders if it can be done.

 it is now  able to tell the publishers who rely on revenue from ads to pay  money to it so that its ads are allowed to go through. google and amazon has paid up, but the others have bulked at this ransom note as it were. haha.  it does sound like a racket and a con, doesn’t it? being a middle man to whom all the others have to buy off… if they all pay it, then adblocker plus is no better than not having it. u might as well not have it. 

we all have cause to be irritated by ads popping up, but i think the ad people have got an answer to it; will adblock plus stop those ads that are embedded inside videos, so that u either have to wait and forced to see a 30sec ad before the main topic is shown, or what they are doing now… show a small section of the main topic and then jump to the ad…i think adblock plus does not block those ads.

when that happens to me, either a 30sec ad, (if it is 15secs i shall tolerate it)or a in- between ad,(of any length) i would just close the whole thing down. i prefer not to watch that video at all. i wonder how many people do like i do? maybe not many. haha;. this whole question of ads, how intrusive they are , how long they should be, etc is a huge concern to those in the website business. ads are the major source of funding for these websites. ad blockers threaten this money source.

not to mention many of us will avoid the ads if we can, even though it pays for our free access to those sites. i know , we are not a grateful bunch of people, haha. we get it free and dont even want to help them get paid by watching their ads.

i mean we could just put our speakers on mute and go browse somewhere else whilst it plays. you dont even have to watch it really, just let it play out… they wont know and the website can get paid… but we still dont want to do it… at least i dont want to do it. i have asked myself why, but cannot come up with a sensible answer. other than just dont want to. haha.

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