just a normal day in london, albeit rather a wet one. hang on that is normal too. haha.

8 Feb

london 7.17pm 9C monday 2016

i am unable to watch tv, the programs live. it says i have a weak or no signal. so i think our  aerial on the roof of the flats have been damaged,  by the storm last night, when it rained really hard for a hour or two, with strong winds.

we can still get the broadband programs on the bbc player, and other channels players. and i can get broadband on my chromebook so my internet access is still available.

added.  i realise i can still watch the live tv programs, on my laptop, because the tv guide allows me to see it live. hmm, it really shows why the license fee is becoming unenforceable, since anyone can now watch tv from their laptops. why bother to pay for a license? hope they will stop that and find another way to finance the bbc. 

so i was able to watch simon reeves travelogue of greece on tv, where he filmed the refugees coming in their boats to a greek island  which is 1 hr from the turkish mainland;  and filmed the conflicts between cultures, and the demonstrations of the young in athens against the older generation establishment who they blame for getting greece into such a bad debt and trouble it is in now. seeing all those trouble and strife, i cannot see anyone wanting to go there for a holiday.

i can understand that report saying most tourists are now going to spain… rather than hotspots like morocco, or egypt or practically every where else, where they can be bombed or shot at by terrorists who are targetting the tourists.

when tourists are not dodging bullets from terrorists, they are dodging  the zika virus in south america. it is really not a nice time to be a tourist… here in london, we are getting rain, it seems a storm is here. storm imogen. all i notice of it is that the rain is heavy but seem to come in bursts of 1-2hours. last night those celebrating chinese new year eve will be very wet. it was a wet night. today it had bursts of rain, so that the covered walkways in victoria are full of people trying to get out of the rain. people just go about doing their business or buy lunch, because that was when i was there. it was the lunch rush hour.

it’s quite a normal day really in london. 

added. 9.2.16 7.19am 7.3C tuesday seems like the rest of the south has got gales and such…

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