valentine day supermarket meal offers

11 Feb

london 4pm 8.4C sunny. thursday 2016.

its looking very nice outside, blue sky and all that, even though the sun is setting and the day is coming to a close; it is lighting up the top half of the block of flats opposite me as i look out of my window.

i got back from a rather unproductive outing to the ymca. i got a series of emails from them asking me to subscribe, and i ignored them, as i dont really want to pay so much money for the annual plan.

the latest one said if i do before 12feb, i wont have to pay a joining fee. well i thought it was the membership fee of £30 which will allow me to access their  pay as i go concession for over 60s , paying £2 per session.

but when i went there to ask for it, i find it applies to their yearly membership plan, costing something like £500 a year. and not applicable to the concession plan. so i definitely dont want that.

still, i was a bit relieved that it does not apply and i can with a good conscience not join .  if it was free to join i would feel i have to.  and then feel obliged to go on their pay-as-u-go plan with a £2 per session entry. it is very good value actually, even on a £30 membership.

but my heart is not in it. i just dont want to get into that routine of gym and exercise. maybe it will be good for me to do it, but i find i just dont like it anymore.

i know , there is the danger of being lazier and lazier, as i grow older, and just want to stagnate, and not do anything. … i think it is a old age condition, that every old person can fall into. i shall give it some thought and see if there is any other way for me to keep active without feeling stuck in a routine. i dont like being committed to anything nowadays. 

on another note, i went to the waitrose just up the street from the ymca, along the charing cross road, and was thinking of getting a free coffee from them. but i saw a notice on the entrance saying they are closing in spring, as they are finding it unprofitable to do business. so this branch will close. well, i felt kind of sorry for them, so decided not to get the free coffee after all.

to us , individuals, the free coffee is a small thing, but to them, it costs a lot of money to provide when multiplied by the many coffees that they have to give out free everyday. i dont shop at waitrose that much. their bargains are not very good. haha. or not appeal to me.

i know for drinkers of alcohol, their valentine offer which is going on now is good. £20 for two people , for a main dish for 2, 2sides, starter for 2 (the dressed crabs look good),dessert for 2, and a free bottle of wine. but i dont drink, and dont like appertisers or desserts, so even though i like the sirloin steak which was one of the main dish on offer, (costing £8 normally) i can buy a steak for less and so dont need to pay £20.

but i know all this is not meant to appeal to me, who dont drink and dont fancy all those things like starter and desserts.

last time they offered a half price whole chicken. that was very attractive , it came to £1.60/kg and i bought from them. but they are not doing that now.

in fact all the other supermarkets are offering a valentine 2course meal …but at £10 , though the main meal is not so good, but all offer a bottle of wine.

i wonder what marks and spencer is offering this year. there was a  year it was £10 for a meal for two with wine. cant see them doing this offer again this year.  i googled them and found out they are offering the same as waitrose, £20 for a 3course meal with wine. 

i was telling simon that i am glad i dont like drinking wine, so i never get tempted with all these 2-3-course meals with free wine thrown in. haha. saves me a lot of money and all that health worries about drinking too much alcohol. i never have to worry about being addicted to alcohol and ruining my liver. haha. makes my life so much easier. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

just a simple meal that i rustle up when i got back.

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