cny celebrations in london, is it on 13feb, or 14feb?

12 Feb

london 10.31am 7.5C cloud, friday 2016

the trafalgar square website says it will be on the 14 feb, and i see in the metro this morning, their weekend page saying it is on 14feb sunday.  yet, yesterday i was passing through chinatown on the charing cross road , and saw a streetlamp with a poster saying the street will be closed for the festival on 13feb. it was only on a street that leads to chinatown.  perhaps the restauranteers are having a lion dance to bless their premises on that day so only some streets in chinatown are affected.

i know the shopkeeper will hang a big red packet decorated with lettuce high up on the shop front, and the lion will climb up towards it. it will be a ladder composed of men, and when done well, with the man holding the lion head dancing and gyrating and mimicking lion movements, it can be wonderful to see. the higher the red packet the more the money inside it and the more of a show the lion team will put up.

but i wonder whether that skill of building up a ladder of men, one standing on the shoulder of the other, has survived. it will be wearing a long train as well, and must be very heavy , to dance and gyrate whilst standing precariously on a high ladder of men… it is truly a spectacle. 

 but the main touristy festival in trafalgar square is on sunday. well, i am sure they will all want people to go to chinatown during this weekend and want to spread it out over two days of the weekend.  i hope they will send some guys to walk about giving away hong pao with £1 coin in it. i got one of those one chinese new year’s day , when i was walking through trafalgar square. rather fun that. 


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