independent newspaper going digital only

12 Feb

london 11.49pm 6.5C thursday 2016

the bbc3 is going online only, meaning we wont be able to see it on terrestial tv. and now i read the independent newspaper is not going to be printed, it will only be available as a online website .

amazing, how is it going to pay its way online? we hear so much allready that adverts wont be able to pay for it. so will they go subscription only? or pay per view?

it seems the paper newsprint is losing money, a lot of money. it has only about 40,000 circulation. perhaps it is heralding a future when all newsprint will cease to exist, and all news is online. i can well imagine a future like that.

it needs someone to invent a way of making money out of it… or have everyone not give away free content.

can anyone imagine a business model where u give away all the news content free? it must be madness, and yet that is what they all do… except for the Times and FT.(financial times).

when news is available free everywhere, why should anyone pay to view it?

the Times, still do it, want people to pay to view their online website news,  but i bet their website must be quite dead. i have not gone in to look at it for ages. and now even their printed paper i sometimes dont read. and this is me getting it free in the library. i cannot even give u an answer as to why i dont read it everyday.  i dont know why.  perhaps because it dont have any new items of news that the other papers dont have. all the newspapers  dont do much commentary anymore. if they did it might be a reason to read them; and even those that do, they are not very insightful, or well written. 

though the other way, of giving away a free newspaper , like the standard, making money from the adverts, may be the future too.

i ask myself what would make me buy a paper. i am afraid my answer is nothing will make me buy one. the only way that will make me buy one is if i can never get to read it free… so if the library stops stocking them, or if all the online news websites stop giving it away free, or there are no free newspapers like the standard … then maybe i might buy a paper. but i dont envisage a time when all the websites will not give away free content. or free newspapers are there for the taking. it bodes ill for the future of newspapers. ;

maybe they might have to copy the americans and tie it to supermarket money off coupons. that way people buy the paper to get savings on coupons. its strange that it has not taken off here in uk, when it is so successful in america. maybe the british just dont have that kind of mentality. cutting coupons can be so boring. it does not appeal to me at all.

 latest news 1.15pm friday 12.2.16 independent will cease printing on 26march2016 and exist only as a website. 

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