this and that

13 Feb

london 8.32pm 5.8 C rain. saturday 2016

one thing about not having so many tvchannels because the aerial is not working properly, and its repair is delayed as it is not a priority, is that there is no fear of missing out. in the past there were so many channels with so many programs going on at the same time, it is difficult to chose, and i find myself skipping from channel to channel trying to see them all.

of course u could say i am rationalising not having so many channels with the tv not working in full order. after all, by not being able to see the other channels i am missing out. but it is one of the things about choice, when you just dont have it, that is, it is beyond your control, you are willing to let it go. also you dont know about it so u dont miss it. what you dont know you wont miss.

thus, someone who is poor wont know what they miss. it is only when they see it on tv, or in the internet, that they become aware of what they miss. or they see it advertise and are made to think that they should have it , and not having it is a blight on their lives. i think that is why so many poor people feel dissatisfied with their condition.  if u are a rebel, you would say these poor people have their eyes opened and so realise they have been held in thrall to whatever powers that be who keep them poor.

or u could look at it another way, and say they may have started life as farmers, and may be poor in terms of money, but they are rich in terms of their quality of life, being able to eat the produce and lifestock that they rear, or forage from their surroundings  and live in harmony with their surroundings. it is when they think the cities provide more , money usually, to buy things that they had never wanted anyway,but advertisements have persuaded them that it is something they must have;  and been fooled by  blandishments from merchants wanting to sell them things, and so fooled into making them leave their farms and go to the city that is when they realise they are poor. and when they see their cousins who have gone to the city coming back with lots of goods, and stuff, and of their tales of plenty in the city, they too yearn for such riches. 

you may well be right and  people have their eyes opened and now go to seek their fortune in the big city… though i like to think that in all things there are advantages and disadvantages. this is i think the most common innate quality of every choice that we chose. every choice has its good and its bad. 

but enough of these philosophising, u can spent hours argueing for or againt them. perhaps we all need to go out and attain those things and do them, and experience them before we can settle down to a simple life , and not want those things anymore and be content. but we need to do them first, just so we can be convinced they are not all that great.

that is why u often hear of rich people saying money isn’t everything… those who are poor think they are just being stingy, having had it they dont want u to have it. haha. but i think it is because they have done it, and found it wanting,all the riches can buy.  



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