chinese, in trafalgar square

14 Feb

london 12.55pm 8.2C cloudy sunday 2016

i just got back from the festival, at trafalgar square, and had the sandwich (melted cheese/lettuce/tomato) which i made and took to the square, but did not have time to eat it.

i got there early enough, to be able to get into the square. i was looking for the grocery store that used to sell very good bargains. this time they were unable to get a big corner to themselves and have to mix in with all the other stalls, so that i nearly missed it. i saw a young lady with a bag of chinese sauces, and vermicelli, telling all that it is 5 for £3. i did not connect at first that it is that store, and they were selling every item 5 for £3.

i bought 5 vermicelli singapore rice noodles 350mg for £3. she said i could mix and match but i only want the vermicelli. a bargain, and she even put in a free black soya drink. nice of her. when i left it was getting so v crowded. i went to the library to read the sunday papers. this one only has the sunday times. the other papers were either not ordered, or others have taken them away. when i came out, the streets were crowded with people. and it was impossible to get into trafalgar square. so i was glad to take the 88 back. luckily the 88 was running.

i have told friends i might be there, but i am afraid i could only stand it for 1hr. haha.

ah well, i know enough and shall next time just go for the grocery bargains and that means going there early. because the lady said they only offer these prices for a short time early in the day. i dont see anyone else buying these, maybe because no one wants to walk about all day carrying it. haha. they are not like me, who lives so near, i could in fact return to my flat, off load my bag, and go back to it without much interruptions to my being in the thick of it, if that is what i want.

it was quite fun, in that i have gone to see what it is all about and come to realise i just want the grocery bargains, the rest of it i can take it or leave it.  haha.

actually do go early, i met two chinese guys and told them about my bargain, and they top it by holding up a bottle of black soya sauce from amoy, and saying they got it free. haha. i did pass that amoy stall with a huge crowd of people there and decided not to bother finding out what it was.  after hearing him, i still felt it was not worthwhile to join the crowd to get it.

i think you can hold anything in london and you will be able to get a crowd. where did all these people come from i wonder?

on the bus going back home,i caught it at trafalgar square, i saw a crowd of foreign families with kids got on.  they got off at westminster abbey. so i suppose many will be foreign visitors. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

5 of this vermicelli by yeo’s.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

what it looks like after it has been rehydrated. the noodles are slightly thicker than those i get from chinatown.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

i am a sucker for pens. it reminds me of those tourists who go to poor countries and give out pens and pencils. haha. i am like those kids eager to get hold of these pens, or pencils. i wonder why haha . i got these from the guys promoting lycamobile. there were another lot of guys giving some chinese brochures, which i cannot read; they have this red packet, but it contains a sweet.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera


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  1. Garfield Hug Monday February 15, 2016 at 12:59 pm #

    Glad you had a feel of Chinese New Year 🙂

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