another twit

16 Feb

london 4.17pm 8.5C sunny (its been sunny all day) tuesday 2016

this one is another example where twitter becomes a way for people to give only one side of the story and raise outrage for nothing. it is a twit by some woman twitter who dont like starbucks .

The user, Manar N, has no tweets dating before this month and the majority of her messages have been anti-Starbucks. She has repeatedly posted a sign in a Starbucks window which tells women to “send your driver” (i.e. a man) to order drinks. One version has been retweeted more than 1,000 times.

so a feminist group in paris start demonstrating in a starbucks in paris, and asking for boycotting starbucks. when told why the poster was there, (it is because in saudi arabia , there must be a wall in the premises that physically separate women and families from men). instead of being outraged at such a law , they kick the business that has to obey that law.

it has been a criticism of feminists that they dont go for the hard targets , saudi arabia laws that really clamp down on the freedom of their women folk, in the guise of protecting them; but to hit at businesses instead. 

if u want an analogy, it is like the west restricting women, keep them separated from men, and have really strict laws that regulate how and when they can meet men and how they dress, and how they must cover their faces and not expose any flesh.  that way there will certainly be no way for men to rape the women, and so can be argued it is for the women’s best interest to protect them.

you know something, that was how the victorians tried to solve the problem with their women folk. protect them by restricting their freedom… and i suppose u cannot blame the saudis if they do the same thing .protection of their women folk seem to be the most common thing in all societies throughout history. and all of them have found ways to do it… mainly by restricting the movement and freedom of their womenfolk. it is only in recent times, that women have won their freedom, but this comes at the cost of them being exposed to danger . perhaps women should accept that, with freedom comes danger too. but modern feminists wants the freedom and still be protected against the danger. they want to turn it around and instead of restricting women, they want to restrict men. keep men segregated from women but let it be women who decide where to segegrate them. will a future happen where men are kept behind closed doors? i doubt it, because when another tribe wants to raid that society, the women wont be able to defend themselves and will have to fall back on the men. u can say it is nature, men fight and women nutures. women will forever be handicapped by being the one to be able to bear a baby. 

with the call tohave separate train carriages, perhaps the west is edgeing towards that solution.

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