twitter, too many turds in that pool

16 Feb

london 7.18am 2.5C sunny (glorious day , opened the window and breathed in the air, so crisp, and not really that cold as the temperature would lead u to think). tuesday 2016

stephen fry (i did not know he has a blog as well) eloquently summed up twitter , (his is too many people pissing in it)and left.

my title is not his. it is just what my impression of twitter. though i have to confess i am not a member of twitter, so my views are from hearsay. but since people get attracted to something from what impression they get from others, it bodes ill for twitter if my impression is what others get too. 

twitter does not expand its product to include voice, or offer other services , like maybe group calls, or group twitter… and  instagram has stolen its thunder by  sending each other photos… so what is there left for twitter to do? not much except criticise, and troll, and bully each other. 

i think it explains why facebook is so careful to slap down people who dont obey its rules. if u let people get away with it, u end up alienating everyone else and they will leave. 

added. i just checked the weather website for yesterday’s low. it is only 1C, so the forecast -2C did not  happen in london. 

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