too many tourists spoils the place

19 Feb

london 10.43pm 9.8C friday 2016 ( i wonder if that temperature is correct. we are warmer than madrid?

this article in the guardian make me think that there are very few unspoilt tourist areas in the world nowadays. the article was talking about italy limiting tourists access to a group of villages in cinque terre, linguria. i wonder how they are going to do that. but it does highlight a problem nowadays of too many tourists visiting a place, making it over crowded and destroying what is attractive in it in the first place. what happens is that the locals get to be too money grabbing, and try to fleece the tourists, or resent the tourists destroying their way of life. there is no answer to this  very modern problem. maybe we should just accept it as part and parcel of modern living.

i think only big cities can cope with the huge influx of visitors, in fact, they are the only ones able to do so and are unique in that aspect… they thrive with lots of visitors.  any other places will just get swamped. so u could argue that for the real tourist experiences that are not spoilt, visit  big cities. some might argue that cities are too much like each other… too westernised, to be authentic. but i think that is their strength. they distil the local culture, and bring all the diverse culture of that country into one place, and than serve it up in a palatable form, that a tourist can partake who might not be able to take the unadulterated form of that culture when practised in its home ground. i am sure many of u have gone to a country thinking u can try the authentic foods, there , to find that u cannot really stomach it, and is nothing like what u ate in your own country where it is calling itself the authentic country’s dishes. you may want it authentic , but not too authentic. haha.

some people might even say just come to london where u can eat all the world’s cuisine without travelling so much. 



2 Responses to “too many tourists spoils the place”

  1. Sarah M Saturday February 20, 2016 at 11:59 am #

    Yeah always interesting how people can moan how the tourists have ruined the area, whilst simultaneously fleecing them for money.

    • alifesgayventure Saturday February 20, 2016 at 12:01 pm #

      i think it is because they are not the same group of people. one group gets to fleece the tourists, but the other group who live there are damn inconvenienced by all these tourists but are not in the tourist businesses and get the higher prices that all the businesses now can charge everyone.

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