15th day , last day of chinese new year celebration.

22 Feb

london 7.08am 9.7C rain monday 2016

so all the chinese households who observe traditions will look forward to tomorrow and throw away all the accummulated rubbish they have been storing . haha. they believe that if they throw away their rubbish during this period, they will throw away their good luck; though u could argue the opposite, and say throw away all your rubbish now so u can get rid of all the bad luck.

i bet this rubbish tradition is cooked up by the authorities , to reduce rubbish during this time, as all their rubbish collectors are away on holiday ,on their annual reunion and back in their villages.

cynical me suggest that if u look at any tradition, u can see an underlying motive of social engineering going on , usually connected with getting people to spend like crazy during this period so that it helps businesses to make enough money to keep them going rest of the year. take for eg, that tradition of wearing new clothes every chinese new year. ha, so obvious that one.

i only remembered today is chap goh mei, the hokkien name for the 15th day, because this morning, i saw google has a logo advertising the lantern festival in chiswick house. its the first time it has come to london, this practice of floating lanterns… i wonder how they are able to overcome that ban on those candle powered lanterns that they used to do, that cause such havoc to the environment… and even set fire to things.

perhaps the lanterns are fixed to a spot, so wont be drifting away to land miles away and burn things. it stands to reason, as they must be elaborately designed and so are not disposable.

come to think of it, it must be quite recent, this lantern and 15th day…at least i have never heard that chap goh mei is associated with lanterns, till i read of it now. when did it happen i wonder? another tradition in the making. 

added. it seems this lantern festival is 2000 yrs old, in china.  we in malaysia have not heard of it, but it shows that china’s importance is growing, because it is celebrated in china and they are exporting so much of their traditions to other parts of the world and maybe even ursurping the local celebrations. 


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