mild winter we are getting

25 Feb

london 3.9C sunny 8.58am thursday 2016 , doesnot feel cold, even though i dont have the heating on. it is 15C in my flat.

so far, their predictions of -2C in london is not borne out by the actual temperatures i see in the weather website for london. and from my own personal experience, it is not that cold. even though from the weather website i see it the lowest we got was 0C. can’t say i noticed it as that cold last night.

 i think it must have dawned on most people long before now, that a drop to below 0C now and then is not really that significant. with our good insulation due to fleece clothing, most of us wont really notice it.

and we are now at the end of february, the sun is getting higher and higher in the sky, and coming out earlier and earlier. and soon the equinox will come on 21st march.

london winters are really very nice. so even though i read now they are saying there will be a cold spell coming on friday morning,(-2C)  i think we can discount it. at least those of us here in london.

sunset today is  5.32pm, sunrise 6.55am

london 7.24am thursday 23.2.17 11.6C

Feb. 23, 2017 Rise Set
Actual Time 6:58 AM GMT 5:30 PM GMT
Length of Visible Light 11h 40m
Length of Day
10h 32m
Tomorrow will be 3m52s longer.

this year 2017 they were predicting a cold winter too. but it has been mild and winter is ending, so i guess they are wrong again.

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