life, losing things, bills in arrears

29 Feb

london 3.10pm 9.7C sunny all day so far monday 2016

i always make it a point to tell someone if they drop their glove, or leave something behind because i would appreciate it myself if it happen to me. and today, i received the karma back. a lady picked up my glove and gave it back to me. i then checked my pocket and found out the other glove is missing too. so i quickly ran back into the bus and found it on the floor.

normally i put my gloves into my jacket pocket and zip it up. but today i was at the bus stop just one stop away and wanted to look into my chrome book to find out when the next bus comes. and so i only shove my gloves into the pocket of my jacket and forgot to zip it up. and that was my undoing. at the next stop, the driver of our bus told us to get the next one which was coming, as the bus driver change will mean a long delay. so i hurriedly grabbed everything and moved out, and that was when the gloves fell off. 

luckily my soul do not want me to lose it, i get real irritated if i do.  i was just thinking if my soul wants to make my life difficult, it will engineer it so  that no one tells me of my dropped glove. but i always tell my soul not to make my life difficult. and it seems to have paid attention.

anyway, i am glad i did not lose the glove. i have others, but it is just very inconvenient. which is what it is,  really when u boil it down; whenever we lose things. they can be replaced, but it is  hell of an inconvenience.

i am just as interested as the next man in having a rich, eventful life, but only with nice events, not these small irritating things.

it reminds me very forcefully to always put things in my pocket , and never to put things in my pocket and not zip it up. that makes doubly sure it does not fall out. that would make it very plain to my soul that i do not want to have things fall out of my pocket.

the thing is if u allow extraneous situations to distract you, like i did my juggling my chrome book at the bus stop trying to find a wifi to log on, and to find  the online bus timetable… and later, being rushed to get out of the bus to catch the other one… it is these little distractions that can make u lose things, or forget things. life is like that, i think. a series of distractions, for which u have to guard against and keep focus on what u want done.

sometimes meeting a friend by chance, or even having a con man distract u so they can disorientate u enough to rob  you, is the method people use to steal time and things from you. it is the distraction that is the danger.

distracting someone is a age old, well -tried ploy by con men to rob you.

i sometimes wonder whether it happens so much to old people, whether they get distracted by  other people, or by situations, that they become very suspicious of everything.

hence u have old people being rude to others and keeping to themselves because they have been the targets of such con people in the past.

who knows , that might be the reason why so many old people like to be left alone, or cannot make friends easily… and as a result they get lonely. they want to make friends, but afraid they might be taken advantage of…

it does not apply to me. with me,i prefer to be on my own because it is just me being lazy to deal with other people’s problems. many of which are their own fault really. and i dont have the patience to sympathise with them. with me, if i do anything and it turns out bad, i just remind myself let that be a lesson to you and dont do it again. haha.

but i know most people dont think of it like that,it is always someone else’s fault. and i dont have the patience to listen to them blaming others for their plight.

i mean take for eg, this report saying people have to pay unexpected bills given out to them because their meters have not been read for years, and so the arrears has been discovered and they now  have to pay. i am not sympathetic to those people. some dont  have their meters read for 5 yrs and now start making with the tears when the bill catches up with  them.

they could easily have phoned in their meter reading. they know damn well they have been getting free electricity or gas, and must know that they are storing huge problems for themselves if they dont pay it. but i think they are thinking all i have to do is make a sob story and they will let me off. the way they consider it, it is their fault for not billing me.

even now, they may be able to get away with it… if they do, it will only confirm to others who are minded to take that route to continue, whilst the responsible person who pays their bills on time and are careful of their usage dont get any help at all. 

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