first day of spring, culture war

1 Mar

london 8.22am 8.7C rain tuesday 2016 1st march

in the past, i have considered the first day of spring as starting at the spring equinox, but i am rather impatient for spring to start so have shifted my alliance, and take the first day of March, as it.

when i saw today’s google doodle, showing daffodils and a flowery arrangement i thought it was about spring, but instead it is about st david’s day. who he?

someone reblogged my post about the train miscarriage, and i was really surprised at that, but visiting his blog , which is a collection of other peoples writings which does serves it purpose of drawing our attention to them,  i was drawn to read this one, a review of iain m banks,player of the game , the 2nd book of his culture series. 

Is it possible to erase an entire culture, an entire civilization, without ever once firing a bullet? More importantly, is it happening to us today? So much has been said about the benefits of globalization, but does anyone really, truly understand its consequences?

it’s an interesting question he posed in his review. i had not thought of it that way when i read the book, i enjoyed it for the writing and the plot, but not thought of it as someone who subvert a culture from within and destroys it by destroying the basis of that culture.

as for his question, i immediately thought of the inca culture, that was destroyed by just a few spanish players who got in and played the game according to their rules, and won.

in fact, it is a lesson the modern world can take to itself and apply today. might the jihadis do that to our western culture? the might inca culture was destroyed by a few mavericks. or can the western culture prevails by exporting its culture to those lands, but we may have to do a roman empire on them, and invade them first.  

we are in the midst of a culture war now. 


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