our tv signal is back 100%

2 Mar

london 8.31pm 7C rain. wednesday 2016

we had the problem with our tv aeriel sorted out now.

it might well have been corrected long ago, but we were not told, and it was only tonight when i thought of checking the signal and found that it is 100%  that i realise it has been sorted out.

so i retuned the tv and we have now all the channels, the HD ones included and we are all go now.

can’t say i missed it, we last tuned on 10 feb, according to the history. the picture was still quite good without the HD, though now that i am seeing it in HD, i can see the difference. before, the subtitles was slightly blurred, which i attributed to my eyesight …. but now i can see it is very clear so it is not my eyesight after all. haha. that is rather nice to know. there is this news about the bbc iplayer . they are going to make people pay to view it, whereas now anyone can see it free , that is, they dont have to prove they are paying the license fee. how are they going to police it i wonder? long ago we went on holiday to torrevieja, alicante, to stay with a british friend who have bought a flat and lived there. he can see bbc, without paying. i wonder if it is still possible to see the bbc tv if u live in europe for free. 

after writing that i suddenly remembered that they have not sent me a annual tv license. so i went to look at the last time they sent me one, and saw this.

‘your new tv license’, it said, ‘as you may know, the tv licence fee is fixed at £145.50 a year until 2016. that means your direct debit payment plan wont change until then. it would be wasteful to send you a new licence and the same payment plan every year. so instead the tv licence and payment plan below will cover you until 2016’.

well, i did not read that when it came in 2012, haha. or if i did,i have forgotten about it.  ah well, it is now 2016, and that license was dated 6 feb.  so i wonder what is happening now. so far i got nothing in the post about this year’s license fee.

having wrote that i thought i better check my bank statement and i did, and  i saw they have taken the money from my account on 1.3.16 . rather naughty of them not to write to let me know. it is just as well that i got a £250 credit on my currant account, so i can get into the red up to that amount before they charge me a penalty fee.

i re read the licence fee letter and there it says the direct debit is on 1st march every year. so i guess they will say we did write it there. they are trying to save money on postage i think.

i always thought that the law says  u must warn households of a direct debit payment to give fair notice, but it seems that law must have been changed so that u dont need to do it anymore. i am sure other people might get a bit of a shock when the bank start charging them a penalty fee for going into the red on their currant account. added. it is quite possible that the 4 yr fixed rate applies to 2016. so this year may be the last year when that fixed rate applies. they will have to negotiate a new rate for 2017. will it get abolished and the bbc accept advertising? 


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