nice morning

4 Mar

london 6.57am 4.9Csunny, friday 2016 sunrise is 6.38am, sunset 5.46pm today.

i opened the windows in my kitchen and sniffed the air, it was so sharp and cool, and the reflected glow from the rising sun of the high rise in the horizon was quite lovely to see. its a nice feeling. 

added 12.24pm 9.4C sunny and blue sky. its been like this all morning, which is a nice change. usually it clouds over as the day progresses. still quite cold to be sitting outside, that is why i am indoors haha. enjoying seeing the sun streaming in through my windows.

i came back from the library to have my lunch. toasted bread and two fried eggs with coffee. now i am rather full, and dont feel like  going to john lewis to use the free coupon they gave me which gives me a free coffee and cake. they dont do cheese cake anymore, at least during those times when i went there to redeem the other free coupons they gave me. i am suddenly wanting cheesecake now.

i have been reading about madonna and her son rocco, and the battle she is having in the courts to force him to live with her in new york instead of with his father in england, whilst she goes off on her world tour leaving him alone in new york.

 i remember madonna singing ‘papa, dont preach’, haha. and here she is at the age of 57 yrs morphing into her parents. hehee. whilst still trying to date young men who are in their 20s.

all her fans in the past like me, who have grown up dancing to her records, have grown old and left her, so she have to keep attracting the young and it is getting harder and harder to do when u keep getting older and older.

i cannot see her moving on to ballads and old songs can you? her kind of music and persona do not lend itself to be seen in cabaret and such. hers is the big stage show and raunchy moves. also the big money is in the big stage shows. and it is the young who go to these. 


2 Responses to “nice morning”

  1. Sarah M Saturday March 5, 2016 at 12:47 pm #

    Madonna still has a huge gay following. I know a few 20-something guys who think she’s FAB. Her and Kylie 🙂

    • alifesgayventure Saturday March 5, 2016 at 12:58 pm #

      there dont seem to be any successors on the horizon to take over their crowns. i think lady gaga. but i dont have any gay guy friends in their 20s to even ask.

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