5 Mar

london 7.49am 3C bright cloud saturday 2016

gerald butler seems to be everywhere in films these days. this morning i read in the evening standard a review of ‘london has fallen‘ . it is a very funny review. and it is supposed to be coming out in cinemas soon, that explained why the film ‘olympus is fallen’ has been showing so much on tv lately. it is done by the same team, and starring gerald butler too. he starred in another film about egyptian gods, that is being shown now, and bombing at the box office. taking in only £14million in its first weekend. it has run into the controversy about white men in black men roles. like the other film about nina simone, with her estate complaining of zoe saldana playing her and having to black up.

all these wanting diversity in films, it seems they have forgotten that films are make believe, and now want to stick too much  reality… a black person must be the one to play black roles, a chinese person to play a chinese person… so a woman must play a woman’s role then? no one complained about whathisname playing a woman and got nominated for best actor too whilst playing a woman. 

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