another day with a name

6 Mar

london 6.34pm 6.6C quite dark outside. sunday 2016 mother’s day

the waitrose i went to , it is near the library and i go there before going to the library, has lots of flower bouquets on sale, the roses are about £15 a bunch. flowers are the easiest presents to buy for your mother. anyway i dont have to bother with it. which is how i like it.

i read somewhere , in huntington website , a writer saying she feels so bad about not having a mother alive to buy presents for and to commemorate the day… though i was thinking it does save her from all the commercial hype. because of course she can buy her mother if she is alive, all kinds of presents anytime of the year,  and not have to wait for this day. but people now adays have so got caught up with a way of thinking, that each day must be designated for certain occasions, and everyone follows and those who cannot, feel left out or are reminded of what they dont have.

i think i prefer the stoic view of life, that life is as it is, and to let go. it makes life so much better i think. 


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