i am not a smartphone user

8 Mar

london 7.21am 3.2C sunny tuesday 2016

i read this , ‘in search of the amazingly elusive non smartphone user‘, and realised the marketting world have noticed us and are trying to sell to us. are our numbers rising?

For a consumer who is very price-conscious, like the non-smartphone owner, they have no intention of using the increased capabilities so see no need to pay for it.

the above quote from the article sums it up nicely i think.

i have been fascinated by smartphones and thought i shall be able to use it if i get one, but the costs have detered me. not only the initial costs of buying a smartphone, but especially the cost of phone plans, every high for very low data quotas.

the  call plan can be like £30 a month and u get only 1G a month limit. when you consider that using my chrome book i use up 40G a month, and that is not even using video or tv watching,(i realised simon uses it too and he watches the tv on iplayer) this was when talk talk showed me my usage, but since they give me unlimited usage they have stopped showing it. 

it is obvious that those smartphone users are always going over their data limits and paying a premium for it.

and i now come to realise that practically everything that can be done with a smartphone i can do using my chrome book and easier too, as typing on my chrome book is so much easier.

it seems to me people have been fooled like me with the hype and thought they will be much better off with a smartphone rather than a chrome book, and now realising that it is not all that great.

but i think they have now got the smartphone, and got used to it, and so shall just carry on with it. once u get familiar with something it takes a lot to ask you to change, the habit is established now.

it has its advantages , in that its small size means they can carry it everywhere with them, and they have learnt now to write on it, and surf on it, and many of them now use twitter which limits how much they can write, which i think turns out to be a big factor… writing short pieces is now encouraged and that suits the smartphone user a lot. and many use the radio or music section because i see a lot of people wearing the ear phones and not talking, so they must be listening to music. and with whatsapp, they can text each other free, and so many need to just be on a the basic call plan.

the article says marketeers should look at non smartphone users as they are a potential marketting source, but i think we are not consumers of stuff, and it will be hard to sell stuff to us. though having said that, we as a group have money to spend. if they can find something that we like, they will find a group that have the money for it.  


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