8 Mar

london 10.52am tuesday 2016

this one spells out the reasons to leave. i have allready made up my mind to vote ‘leave’. 

added. it is worst than i thought, just read the deal they made with turkey, to give it double money to 6billion euros, (£4.6 billion) to take back the migrants on a one to one basis. why the 1-1?

it seems each migrant returned from greece, is exchanged for a syrian migrant in turkey, to be flown into the EU. this means it pays greece to encourage more  migrant to go to  greece, so it can reduce its syrian refugees in its camp, and still pocket 6billion euros. i think it is the worst deal in history (for the EU) but the best deal in history for the turks. 

 looks like the turks have got the best deal. and they still get the visa free travel to the EU , forwarded 3months early, to june, rather than october, and still get to fasttrack the membership of the EU. if turkey is in the EU, the migrants dont even have to risk a ferry crossing, over water, but just step over the border. if this is not a disaster in the making, i dont know what is.

it seems the EU can be played with if u have something they want. so i suggest that if greece gets forced out of the euro, as seem likely …that they set to send all their refugees across the adriatic sea to italy. that would allow them to than blackmail the EU, give us billions or else.  which is the language the EU understands. The turks have blackmailed them and got everything they want.  

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