drought in thailand

10 Mar

london 12.18pm

i am reading this times article about thailand drought threat. it is a small article hidden away and consist of only a short paragraph. 

thailand … is facing its worst drought in 20yrs. water levels in the biggest dams are at their lowest since 1994.

none of the other papers mention this drought. and so i searched in google for more news, here in this article in the bangkok post it says

The four dams are releasing altogether 17 million cu/m of water every day.  This means the water in store will be enough for general consumption until the end of July, about 148 more days, he said.

the water will end in 4-5months’ time, and no one is panicking? wow, i know the thais are so stoic, are they hoping the coming songkran in 13 april will bring the rains and break the drought? or will they stop people wasting water on that day. that day everyone throws water about like nobody’s business.

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