how does being in the EU affect our daily lives?

10 Mar

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EU in 10 objects,

Voters are going to be told throughout the referendum campaign that the European Union affects their everyday lives. But how?

In its series Europe In 10 Objects, the Today programme is exploring the costs and benefits of the EU by looking in detail at objects people encounter in their daily lives.

the one about the sausage really interests me. why? because i have noticed the pork prices are always low,£2/kg , in the supermarkets, even when all the other meats, like chicken and beef jumps in prices so much. i wondered why? this one gave me the answer. because in uk, the very high standards imposed on british pig farmers to ensure their pigs are well cared for, are not enforced on the EU farmer, so they can rear their pigs cheaper than here, and so can sell pork cheaper than here, and because there are no barriers to trade, supermarkets can buy pork from them and sell it to us cheaper than buying british pork.

if uk leaves the EU, pork will go up in price. i wont like it but i would still vote leave.

i rather pay more for the pork if it means  getting back our own decision to make our own laws and regulations.

or forced to pay the UK share of the costs  whenever they make deals like the one they make with Turkey, for which they never ask the other members to vote on. that turkey vote seems to be taken by only a few people (who are they , no one knows) and the rest are expected to approve it and just go along with it. u might argue that the uk share is only(?) £500million compared to the 6billion euros promised. but depand on it, they will get the money from us through other means. maybe as part of a budget increase to pay for it. i think by us leaving it will concentrate their minds as they cannot rely on this huge amount of money the uk contributes to the budget. it might stop their profligate spending, and the other members might thank us for it. as it is there is this report about them wanting to have their own members car pool and chauffeurs to move them between the two capitals.

as it is we have to toe the line when it  is EU laws, but we could not even enforce our own higher standards for pigs on them. just goes to show how little power we have to change the EU>

actually the report using the sausage to illustrate it is not really very apt. it is the pork price that is low, but sausage prices are high even now. sausages are processed goods, and so their price is jacked up… if we leave the EU, sausage prices will still be high. it wont change. they might not even raise it as they should if we leave, because the public may not buy it.

as it is, with all the scare stories about sausages, (and bacon) there might allready be a drop in sales.

its a good series, so far they have shown how the mobile phone, and time directive and pork prices have been influenced by the EU.

 about the time directive,(a bad thing it seems esp for truck drivers but to others it might make them stop working so much and becoming a danger to themselves and to others) and mobile roaming charges (supposedly a good thing, though i myself would like to charge  those talking on  their mobile phones a lot more just to discourage them haha. than i dont have to keep overhearing their loud conversations. so if it were me, i would increase the roaming charges.

i had asked who decided on the Turkey agreement, and then i read this in the daily telegraph newspaper business section this morning… it seems it is germany merkel, she has been accused of bouncing fellow member states into accepting it. even though in a emergency summit with ankara earlier on monday they could not come to a deal. in the same article, iceland prime minister says even large member states like uk wield ‘diminishing power’. when it comes to the big stuff, he said, the decision are made by two, or increasingly one country. 

added. this article in the bbc news asks have uk really signed away its sovereignty? it seems it has, by signing the 1972 european communities act. which gives the European court priority over uk laws. u cannot call yourself sovereign if u then allow a foreign court to hand down laws that u cannot disobey. that is why i say the british people have been had by their politicians who signed up for the 1972 act. i daresay the politicians were fooled by the EU bureaucrats . those EU bureaucrats are experts at it, they are the ones who are experts at writing laws that can twist the meaning everyway they chose.  

Rhodri Thompson QC, a specialist in EU law, puts it this way: “The basic relationship between UK and EU law has been clear since 1972 – Parliament remains sovereign but recognises the binding nature of EU law.

some clarity, huh? even the specialist is fooled. how he can say parliament remains sovereign under those conditions? more fool he, call himself an specialist in EU law. what a fool. with people like him advising us, no wonder we are in the mess we are in now.

and there is no way of taking the act and pick and chose who or what u want to obey. its either all the way in or get out. 

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