life in the extreme

14 Mar

london 11am 7.8C sunny monday 2016

i am looking at the tv guide for today and see one called life in the extreme, presented by davina mccall, who used to present big brother. she puts herself in supposedly extreme situations, but what she did is nothing like extreme.

you want extreme,  u should see this program i saw yesterday.  it reminded me of one  that really makes my skin crawl, when i see it. it is steve backstall’s, two programs called extreme mountain challenge,about climbing a venezuelan tepui. it was on yesterday and i can say categorically i dont want to climb any mountain nor go crawling in caves ever… haha. though i have to also acknowledge that what he did is extreme so is not typical of a climbing or caving expedition.

 when i was a school kid, one of our science teachers took us to batu caves where we had a lovely time caving, it was safe and i never felt claustrophobic, and i enjoyed it, though that experience did not give me a liking to do it again. haha. so it can be fun, but it still wont persuade me to do it. haha.

well, now that i am retired i do ask myself what to do. and i can see on tv lots of people doing all kinds of things, none of which i like. and i read the news of others doing more things, like spending their retirement on board a ship, (it seems they can stand it for an average of  about 6yrs, or they get carried off in a coffin) permanently sailing and living off it. not for me either.

makes me realise i like what i am doing now. but i admit the tv programs like steve backstall does give me the vicarious thrills without the hardship. he showed himself crawling over sharp rocks under low roofs that can collapse on them if they touch it, we see only a minute, maybe even less  of shootage time on tv, but he mention they were at it for hours… and even so it was very painful to watch. for me anyway. the final part when they abseiled down the cliff next to the angel falls, was lovely, and i bet they enjoyed that much more for doing nothing than let themselves do a controlled falling. 

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