ordinary life in london

15 Mar

london 10.28pm 8.1C ( surprisingly high. this was about the same temperature as mid afternoon today.) dry tuesday 2016

time seems to have moved slowly for me today. it was only this morning that i redeemed my daily mail £5 voucher for a free Marks and spencer’s chicken. it is the evening of that same day but i felt it was longer. 

it was an organic chicken, though when i cooked it when i brought it back and tasted it, it tasted no different from an ordinary chicken that i usually buy. i expected the texture to be better, more firm and meaty, but no, if anything it was worst than my ordinary chicken. the meat was quite soft. someone might say that is because it is more tender, but to me, i like the chicken meat to be firmer and more chewy.

maybe it is the modern taste, they like their chicken less tough, whereas i am used to eating old broilers, haha, they have so much more flavour, unlike the young chickens they have nowadays. no chicken now is more than 2yrs old. the good thing is that they dont take up a lot of time to cook. the downside is that the meat is softer, and tasteless, in that u dont get that chicken taste which u get when u eat an old broiler chicken. nor the smell of chicken which u get again when u have a broiler. 

 anyway it was still nice to get a free chicken. but i know now that i am not missing anything by not buying the organic chicken.

its been a nice day today for me. i not only got a free chicken, but i got a £25 check from the premium bond people. it is a prize from the draw every month. haven’t had one of those for quite some time. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

i ate a leg before i remembered to take a picture. haha.

added 10.54pm. i am watching the tv now seeing a movie riddick. at first i thought i had seen it allready, but now i realise it is the third film , the first was ‘pitched black’, (which i did not like, even though it was supposed to be so good that it spawned a sequel). the second was ‘the chronicles of riddick’, which i saw first, and liked a lot, now this is the third one. 

added. 5.58pm wednesday 16.3.16. i saw the movie to the end, which if u know me means the film is good enough to keep me interested. it shows riddick suffering everything, and still running and jumping like he has not got a broken leg, or whatever… haha. it is right there in the realms of fantasy this film, but quite enjoyable , maybe because of it. 



One Response to “ordinary life in london”

  1. Garfield Hug Wednesday March 16, 2016 at 3:00 pm #

    Nicely done!! Looks good 🙂

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