women can get away with anything, these days

16 Mar

london 10.58pm wednesday 2016

this woman’s behaviour is so atrocious i just have to blog about it. she thought the minicab driver wants to have sex with her, so she stripped off and when she found he did not , she wrecked his cab and assaulted him. it is a wonder he did not fight back , he would be totally justified, but i guess if he did and injured her she will say he attacked her. men really get the bad end of the stick whatever they do. if i were a woman i would be ashamed of my gender. she is giving all women a bad name.

after this, i dont think i can blame any man who says all women are mad and just keep them at arm’s length. and no woman have commented that she is disgusted at her, and that she should be jailed and fined heavily as a warning to others. if no woman say that, i would say the conclusion is they all believe she is justified. in which case i would strongly condemn all women. by your very silence, all you other women, you are complicit in her crime, and condone it. the least i would expect from  all the women twitters is for them to make it viral and bring in a storm of outrage at her. anything less and i would condemn all women as being complicit with her. 


this is the woman . and after all that the judge says

‘All for the sake of we know not what. This assault is so serious that custody is the only option in the circumstances. Your behaviour beggars belief, frankly.’

Willock, from East Ham, was given a 12-week suspended sentence and 180 hours of unpaid work, and ordered to pay £650 in compensation.

he gave her a suspended sentence after saying it is so serious custody is the only option. and a piddling fine. ha. what is the world coming to !!! just because she is a woman.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3495396/Taxi-passenger-stripped-thought-driver-wanted-sex-wrecked-cab-violent-rampage.html#ixzz436sDQ4Sa
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added. i should not get riled at this… look at it another way, that woman must be a saint in her previous life, for her to be able to get a ‘get out of jail free’ card in this life. karma can work the other way too, its not just for punishment for bad behaviour, it can be reward for good behaviour in a previous life. haha.


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