hotel maids are still exploited.

16 Mar

london 5.12pm 10.2C cloudy wednesday 2016.

you would think the minimum wage will do away with such a thing with these cleaners of  hotel rooms, but it seems not. the hotels got round it, by hiring agencies, who put the workers on higher and higher work loads, increasing the number of rooms they need to clean, and if they dont finish the full numbers of rooms (30 rooms per person per day, giving only 28mins to do a room) they have to either clean it on their own time, or get reduced pay. they are supposed to be paid per  hour on the minimum wage, but they are not rated according to how many hours they clock on and off, but on the number of rooms. this is illegal, but no one dares to report them.

i think it is because so many do not speak english, even though they come from europe. that lack of english is the one that made them unable to find work elsewhere. once they learn english,or simply get worn out, they leave and the agencies dont mind that, they can handle the rapid  turnover as there are plenty of other suckers who will take over.

but i hope uk will leave the EU after the referendum, and so the easy supply of cheap labour will stop. it is the easy supply of these desperate workers who are driving the conditions down.

it will drive prices of the hotel rooms up, but these are high end hotel rooms, costing upwards of £300 a night, they can afford to raise their charges, or absorb the extra costs. it just means they dont make as much profit as they would, and i for one wont cry for them. haha.

if u dont speak the lingo u will be exploited and that is a fact of life. but if the uk limits the numbers of suckers coming in to do these kind of work, there wont be that many of them and the rooms will not have people to clean them. that would hit the hotels where it hurts. haha. so vote leave. those workers will thank you for it.

in a way it reminds me of the situation in medieval europe, after the plague decimated the population so there was not enough workers to work the farms, that forced the price of labour to go up.

it also reminds me of the topshop cleaners going on strike for the living wage. their cleaning jobs must be a real doddle compared to having to clean hotel rooms. cleaning offices must be real cushy… comparatively.

of course u could blurb out, if uk votes to leave the EU…  but that means we cannot even get in the uk to work here, nevermind the shit pay… !!

well, no one said life is fair. 

the thing to get out of this is to upgrade your skills. learn a skill, a trade, a profession. whatever it takes so that u dont compete on these low paid unskilled jobs that anyone can do. 

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