loads of bills in april

17 Mar

london 11.40am 10.3C sunny blue sky, but cold wind making it chilly outdoors thursday 2016

i was looking at my financial graph, and noticed at april and october there is always a big spike in spending, when all the bills come calling. i expect anytime to get the water bill, the council tax bill, and my flat’s half yearly estimated maintainance bill. and sure enough today i got the council tax bill in the post.

for a wonder, it remains less than last year, it is £668.81. this even after a 4% hike ,consisting of  2% rise to the  council tax and 2% hike to pay for the increased minimum wages that comes into force in april and which is used  to pay  for old people carers.

this is offset by  a decrease of a whopping 6.4% decrease by the london mayor’s bill, which pay for the greater london authority. good ol boris, he reduced it, and so overall there is a 0.6% reduction in the final bill. (that is what it is written in my invoice given to me by westminster council, though if u do the maths, it is more like a balance of 2.4% reduction. or nevermind the percentage but simply compare last year’s with this year, and it is .6% less. sigh, maths is not my strong point, obviously. haha.) or what is more likely there is a bit of creative accounting going on. still, i dont mind as the final thing is that it has not gone up. that is the important thing.

but other councils not in london but outside it, wont be so lucky and will have to bear the full brunt of a 4% raise.

i know what  my water bill is going to be, half of which they will take out on 1st april. and so there is only this waiting for the service charge bill for the flat.

makes me want to vote for a conservative mayor rather than the labour’s candidate in the coming mayor’s election.

labour always overspends, because they are very free with other people’s money. there is that joke that goes if u are a one legged, black, lesbian single mother, u got it made.

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