routine, and coffee cups

19 Mar

london 12.17pm 9.3C cloudy but bright. saturday 2016

routine is a lovely thing. i think not many people realise it. like today, i looked back at my morning and it dawned on me that i did not have to think about how to get from my place to the library, it was like i was on automatic, and so was not aware of all the decisions that i have to make. i only became aware of it when i was stopped near the library as was walking to the bus stop to catch the c10 back to my place. 

they were a middle aged man and woman, the man was asking me, but i could not understand what he was saying, until he mentioned big ben… and i was flummoxed wondering how to tell him the best way to get there. i told him to walk back to victoria station and catch a tube to westminster. now i am back, i realised i should have told him to cross the street, and catch the bus 211 or 11 and that should drop them at parliament square. but i did not think of it that time.

i come to this area practically everyday and am very familiar with the buses, and yet when i was asked i did not think to get them this bus route. i think i was so used to the routine, i never have to think of it, and so it slipped my mind when someone unexpectedly caught me unprepared and out of my routine by asking me the way.

it happened before, someone asked me how to get to westmorland terrace, and i did not know. later, i realised my bus pass there everyday, yet it never came to my mind that i know that place.

i used to think the locals a bit thick, when i asked them directions in their area, and they have not a clue. but it seems i am turning into one of them. oh dear. haha.

i was looking through the saturday papers, in the library and i realised why i find them rather boring… it is because they are full of articles talking about expensive stuff that people can buy…or places that they can visit whilst spending lots of money.  they are targetting themselves at the rich , and offering them suggestions on how to spend their money. no wonder i skim through them very rapidly.

only the daily mail gives out freebies, like a big terracotta pot if u bring the voucher to a B&Q shop. i wonder what the initials B&Q stand for? and they are offering a heat insulated cup to use , u have to collect a number of vouchers and then pay £2.50 for postage to get it. they have an article saying starbucks is offering 50p reductions if u bring  your own cup. .. this is a temporary offering (april and may only)from their usual 25p reduction that has applied for ages but they dont advertise it much. not till now, when there is all this hoo haa about their cups not being easily recycled, and end up in the slag heaps. will u bring your own cup? i always thought the attraction of these places is being able to show off the brand in front of the noses of everyone else and broadcast that u can afford it.  i mean if u use your own cup, horrors they might think u have made the coffee at home!! i wonder if there are people who bring their own coffee and pour it into a starbucks cup just to be able to wave it about when they walk .

when i read that about the insulated cup, i realised i actually have one of those, i bought long ago for £1 from a charity shop. i seldom use it, i wonder why? it would be logical to use it as it keeps the drink warm. as it is i often forget to finish the drink and it gets cold and i have to reheat it in the microwave. but i seem to be strangely resistant to using that cup… 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

i dug it out of the cupboard to take a picture of it.

Mar. 19, 2016 sunRise 6:04 AM GMT

sun set 6:12 PM GMT

12h 07m
Tomorrow will be 3m58s longer.
so does it look like today 19 march is the spring equinox day in uk? looks like it doesn’t it? i used to think march 21 is the equinox, but i have long ago realised that is not so.

3 Responses to “routine, and coffee cups”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday March 20, 2016 at 11:41 am #

    You should use the mug to keep your drinks hot or warm ha ha!

    • alifesgayventure Sunday March 20, 2016 at 2:05 pm #

      i know i should, but i dont. perhaps it is just pychological, somehow it is more pleasant to drink from a cup that looks like porcelain,than from that insulated mug.


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