drastic pruning

22 Mar

london 8.20am 6.8C sunny tuesday 2016

woke up today and saw my indoor plant looking wilted, so i watered it. i forgot when i last watered it. anyway, later i happened to notice it again and saw the leaf full of black mould , and it is all over the plant not a single leaf unaffected. only the lower saplings seem to be unaffected. anyway i thought about it and toyed with the idea of getting rid of the whole thing, but i decided to chop off the two main branches and just leave the stumps. in the past i have done it and more shoots grew from there. so that is what i did. i folded up the remains and wrapped them in paper and threw that away. in the past i would have put them inside a plastic bag. not this time. anyway this is what it looks like after i have pruned it. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

i am hoping the mould wont come back.


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