katie hopkins response , i agree with her on this

23 Mar

london 9.45pm wednesday 2016

After the Dutch floods of 1953 which killed 2,551 people, the country stood up and declared never again.

Never Again.

And since that day a nation which lies mostly below sea level has never been allowed to flood again, thanks to this real determination to find solutions to the problem.

It strikes me, instead of normalising terror, instead of accepting that an attack on the UK is inevitable, and instead of the Belgian president announcing ‘What we knew would happen has happened’, we need leaders who when they stand up and say ‘Never again’ actually mean it and come up with solutions.

Instead of increasing police presence to reassure us, we need action on the root causes.

Typically, the only man talking tough after yesterday’s attacks was Donald Trump – who ‘mainstream’ politicians abhor and ignore.

We need to stop allowing jihadis to return to Europe, prevent extremist imams accessing young minds and spreading their religious brand of hate, and stop communities colonising parts of Europe where former generations of immigrants used to integrate.

i read this just now in the dailymail online and find i agree with her. she is pointing out something new in the direction that europe is going… like it is normal now to expect a new mass killing by isis. the authorities seem to have lost all control of the situation, and admit they cannot stop the terrorist attacks because they cannot stop them moving freely in and out of europe.

 but we in uk, should not admit defeat like that… we can control our borders and can keep them out, and those that are allready in , we can find. and we can make sure it is not easy to buy guns or bomb making stuff here.

it surely is not just due to luck that uk have no such incident since that fateful day when bombs went off in london. in fact our reaction to it was so different to europe, which shut everything down. it just make matters worst… and make more people really afraid… europe should take a leaf out of how the uk handled that … it seems to me they have much to learn from the uk. europe should swallow its pride and come cap in hand to uk and ask for help.

i think uk had so much more experience to cope with these terrorist attacks, after all, the IRA bombings of mainland uk makes these events not such a special ones… we have experiences to deal with them. that may explain why london very quickly recovered and life went on as usual. it surely helped that we are an island and can control who we let in.

europe lost that advantage long ago, and that is its weakest factor in this new dynamics. and their security is divided between a lot of different authorities , there is no overall force, to co ordinate intelligence.

katie is right, that we should un couple ourselves from europe. and for the first and most probably the only time, we have a chance to have a vote on it. come 23rd june. events in europe with this bombing, have really convinced me we should leave.

i think that vote will be a fateful one that will determine what our future will be. i sincerely hope we vote to leave. 

added i think the citizens of europe can have a strong case that their govts and the EU governing body have failed in their duty to protect their citizens. something that is first priority in any govt… the EU have failed in that most important regard… and i think do not deserve to continue. i think it may lead to the dissolution of the EU as such.  people and the member govts may well come to the conclusion that if the EU as a whole cannot guarantee their safety what is the point of them? i fear it is too late for them, they have lost a lot and will lose more , not only their freedom, but their culture and way of life too. and this loss is not only due to the huge influx of migrants, but the slow attrition and homogenising effect of all those EU regulations making all the countries seem more and more to be like each other.

for me, each country in europe have lost their distinctive different identities that was so attractive about europe in the past. 

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