pitfalls of cloud storage

23 Mar

london 7.45am 9.4C cloud/dull wednesday 2016

woke up this morning too warm under my duvet. i put in two hot water bottles in there last night. it wasn’t cold last night but i just did boiled a full kettle of water on a whim.

 how was i to know it will be so warm today? it reads 9.4C outside. at this time of the morning. so what gives… weather gods?

inside the flat, the nhs thermometer says 15C. i have long ago learnt that it does not indicate how cold or warm i feel, because i am insulated with layers of fleece. haha.

so the price of being occasionally being woken up because i am too warm, is a nice price to pay frankly.  better than being woken up because i am too cold. hehe.

but what i want to talk about this morning is this article i read in my wordpress reader, about her cloud storage not backing up her files, or rather backing up the corrupt files when a ransom virus infected her work computer. she lost all her work files. and it brings to bear this danger of relying on commercial cloud storage.

the comments that follow that article is interesting, because it seems she was misinformed by pc world, her cloud storage is not a backup but a copy service.

someone said the backup is not the issue, the restore is. 

If the backup strategy does not allow me to restore my discs/files/folders as I want/need, then the backup strategy is wrong. The restore strategy dictates the backup strategy, not the other way around.

even if u store it on a disc drive, that can get stolen or destroyed too…

but what about the other problem? the opposite to this; that old files remain forever;  too many dead people having their info on storage and existing for all time.

it seems facebook has more dead people in it than living. even if it is not so now, it will be so very soon in future i bet. the dead will outnumber the living as their files etc remain there for ever. 


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