london air

24 Mar

london 5.46pm 10.6C rain thursday 2016

very surprised to read this in the evening standard just now 

Every air quality monitoring site in the capital hit “high” or “very high” during the smog episode from Thursday March 10 to Sunday March 13.

The minute particles, known as PM2.5, are particularly dangerous because they can penetrate deep into lung tissue and are too small to be filtered out by the body’s normal defences.

The “spike” in smog was caused by dirty air from industrial areas of Germany, Holland and Poland — as well as from fertilisers being sprayed on farmland — drifting towards south-east England on an easterly air flow.

Once it reached London it was trapped by still anti-cyclonic conditions, and made even filthier by the usual daily emissions from London’s vehicles, particularly from diesel engines.

The peak day was the Saturday when 11 out of the 18 measuring sites in London hit “very high” with the rest on “high”.

went back to my blog and looked up saturday 12march and found i noticed it was foggy. i thought it was mist, but it seems it was polluted air. who would have known. it did not smell like polluted air though. in fact there was no smell.  nor do we get to cough and hack away or feel uncomfortable breathing that air… i thought it was mist actually.

it seems it was polluted air from the continent, though how surprising that it can come all the way to us. also, how come there is no mention at all in europe of this really bad pollution that they are having… or the EU would be giving them a huge fine too. so how come we never hear of that, eh? or is it the wind blowing all their pollution down our way so they get to have clean air… sometimes one wonders what to believe. the news seem to have bits and pieces missing, so that we dont get the full picture of what really is going on. if all that pollution is blown in from the continent why dont we go complaining to them about it? 

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