cheap veg

24 Mar

london 9.55am thursday 2016 10.4C cloudy

i thought morrisons was selling the cheapest veg at 28p , until i see in today’s paper that aldi is selling them at 25p. and this in the runup to easter, where people will be spending… i wonder how much these veg will go for after the buying spree now when we are coming up to easter.

post easter things might be even cheaper. but one of the things i know about vegetables, no one becomes a glutton and binge on  vegetables. it will never happen.

and i had a look at the metro i got today and in it , asda is selling veg for 29p. so they are all at it. all the veg on offer are root vegetables. like parsnips,swedes, carrots, potatoes, onions. that kind of thing. quite good for roasting actually. 

but i got enough veg allready and am not going to buy anymore. there is a limit to how much i can eat.

now if u give me meat,  i would love to buy them cheap and freeze them. somehow veg dont freeze well. or rather they are so bulky they take up so much space and anyway unless they are picked and straightaway frozen, freezing them after they are sitting in the supermarket for ages is not much point. 

added 10.49am i opened my email and find a reminder to myself that today is the last day the library will be opened. it will close for 4 days for easter. 4 days without the library!!! that means for me no printed newspapers to read…not to mention my daily routine of getting out of the flat and going to the library is gone as well. hmm, i wonder what to do then during this 4 days of holidays.

for those thinking of jetting off abroad, today the tube service  picadillyline which goes to heathrow is closed. there is a strike. they can go by the heathrow express which will cost them. but then again, anyone going abroad on this weekend is not short of money so no need to feel sorry for them. haha. they will be lots of security checks at the airport, maybe even before they enter , nevermind all the usual checks at the check in and luggage areas. and of course the roads will be jammed solid too. all in all a normal easter weekend then. if it rains it will make it even more normal. haha.

added. 11.49am i had a look at the weather website for london, and it looks like thunderstorms forecast for saturday, sunday and monday. haha. 7mm of rain. so we shall be having a normal easter then.haha.

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