dreaming , a judge saying all the witnesses were lying…first time ever that a judge puts it so bluntly

25 Mar

london 5.51am good friday 2016

i was about to put ‘dry’ for the weather  , but thought i better open the curtains and look out at least to make sure. i expected it to be dark still and was pleasantly surpised to find it quite light, and the road wet. that was when i remembered the forecast was rain all night. at one point even close to 100% likelihood of rain and hovering on high all night.

but being on the first floor, i dont hear the rain splattering on the ground. so it can rain heavily i would not know of it as i have my curtains closed at night. anyway i woke early this morning, woken up by  a dream that i was riding my motobike and got stopped by malaysian police and everyone caught out were herded into a office where we all got fined. the lady at the desk answered my questions and afterwards gave me a notice of my fine, and told me have a look at the comment, where she wrote , ‘difficult’ . just because i asked so many questions. and in the dream i saw the fine was Rm95, which even in the dream i was converting to £s, which is about £20 and thinking that is not a lot thank goodness… but then in the dream i took out my computer and said it cannot be for speeding, because i have evidence that my bike never exceeded the limit and showed them, and they were forced to concede and cancel the fine. haha.

what a strange dream, don’t you think? anyway i was browsing my wordpress reader and found this about this guy jian ghomeshi, in canada i think. i have never heard of him. but it seems he was acquitted of sexual something or other by 3 women, and the judge says their testimony was so inconsistent that he literally accused them of lying… but put in the usual roundabout way with legal jargon. he acquitted the accused. and when i read their testimony i agree with the judge. a tissue of lies… by all three. here .here

it seems the new evidence came out during the cross examination of the witnesses… if they had been better liars or consistent liars it would not have come out and the case would have a different verdict.

i think they never thought they will be cross examined so closely. usually a victims word is enough and no one cross examines them , but this one the evidence contradicts what they were saying. concrete things like emails sent a year after the alleged incident… that gave legal grounds to them being  cross examined. 

this case highlights that it is more usual for the witness to get away with it and is handled with kids gloves with no one questioning their words.

as usual there is no chance those women can be tried for perjury… even though the evidence by their own admittance shows that they lied under oath. as the defense counsel said there is nothing that says trauma can be an excuse for committing perjury. frankly i think they should be charged with perjury and be jailed. so that it gives a clear message to any one else thinking of getting revenge of any imagined slight not to try their chance.


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