penile festival

6 Apr

london 2.37pm 13.2C dark cloudy wednesday 2016


i have promised to put up a picture with every post, and i thought this one , one of 2, which was given to me as a house warming present will do. i have not photographed it before. i like the subject. interesting that the males are nude, not the women.

unlike nowadays when it is ok to depict nude women, but not men in pictures and art.

though i am reminded of the japanese festival of the penis that they celebrate every first sunday in april. the japanese have a refreshing attitude to the penis. actually india too has temples for worshiping the lingam. it is only in the west that it is not celebrated. at least not nowadays though from my greek picture, it was celebrated in ancient greece. and if we are to take the pompeii dildos and art discovered in the excavations as evidence, the romans seem at ease with it too. 


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