would u want to live in these .electricity bill jan-mar 16

8 Apr

london 9.01am sunny 9.3C friday 2016

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

a new block of luxury flats on the thames. the riverside development. contrasting it with the terraced houses in the foreground of olden days. the rooms inside both are very small.  in the background is the MI5 building across the river. i prefer my own flat actually.

if i knew it was so easy to catch piranha, i would have used it when i was in manaus, brazil, and on the amazon and its tributaries; (quite a long time ago). it is a staple on the menu .

this video shows how. .my guide didnt even bother with bait, just threw in a line of hooks, and pulled them up. they are quite small, but perfect for deep frying, i think. but the locals dont do it. 

the locals are not very imaginative when it comes to cooking them. which is why people get bored with eating them, even me… haha. because they are always on the menu.  i cannot help thinking if it were chinese, they would drum up a delicious meal out of them.

added 1.32pm 13.9C cloudy . came back from the library to find a letter waiting for me with a £25 premium bond cheque. i won it in this month’s draw. last month i won £25 too. yet recently they have reduced the number of prizes. just goes to show it is all luck really.

oh my electricity bill came too. for the 3months jan-mar2016.

265kwh used over 90days @.1667p/kwh = £44.18 .

2.94kwh per day. (last year’s was 2.52kwh/day). 0.486p /day

i am posting it just for my own records. 

added. 6.36pm 14.3C dry but rain clouds . friday 2016

i got a wordpress post in my wordpress reader saying all the blogs are now protected with a https.

i have not noticed but when i read that, i took a look at my url, and saw the https is operative in mine. well, it is good. i think it must be operative in my blog for quite some time, because chrome wont let me go into any website that has no https. and i have been using chrome for quite some time allready and all that time i have been able to get into my blog easily.  

oh, i read it more carefully and it says it is now operative in custom domains…whilst domains like mine using the name.wordpress.com has allready got https since 2014.  




2 Responses to “would u want to live in these .electricity bill jan-mar 16”

  1. Garfield Hug Friday April 8, 2016 at 5:00 pm #

    Interesting architecture to see new juxtaposed against older buildings like the red stone ones. London has changed alot since I last saw it.

    • alifesgayventure Friday April 8, 2016 at 5:18 pm #

      in the city and central london you can come across whole blocks being razed to the ground and something new being put up in its place.
      for eg, a whole block occupying the west side of leicester square is being pulled down leaving only a facade and something is being built within it. there are plenty of these big holes in the ground where once old buildings used to stand. it amazes me sometimes to see it being done whilst in another part of london a pub is given protected status and block development… i think westminster and the city of london are the most tolerant of these new developments.
      i guess they realise that new buildings for new uses must be allowed otherwise businesses will go elsewhere.
      the locals like to preserve everything… but it can be bad for a city to stop every new development just to preserve old buildings. singaporeans i know like the new, rather than preserve old buildings. old buildings are very costly to upkeep, as they are beginning to realise with the houses of parliament’s very expensive renovation that has to be done it seems.

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