washing hands

15 Apr

london rain friday 2016 11.8C


cooking chicken curry. when u consider it is just throwing everything into a pot and adding curry powder, i am surprised no one have cotton on that it is the easiest thing in the world to cook. and adding some spices more than others gives  you  different tastes.

london 9.12pm 15.7C dry wednesday 2016

i wash my hands as soon as i come into the flat if i have gone out. and it never ceases to amaze me at how much grey dirt there is. truly whoever warned that just by touching surfaces can make your hands the most germ carrying surpassing all other parts of the body, speaks the truth.

it makes me wonder if they should tell us to wash our hands before we do our business in the toilet, or even to wash our hands before we sit down at a restaurant or cafe to eat things. come to think of it, why dont they ever tell us to wash our hands in a restaurant before we eat?? huh? in malaysia, eating places have wash basins outside the toilets where u can wash your hands. but here in uk, u have to go to the toilet and a lot of people would find it inconvenient, not to mention it would make them even more crowded if everyone does that. 

the number of times i have just taken up food like bread and  snacks etc with my hands without washing them does make me wonder sometimes why i am not dead allready from all those germs.

maybe the fact we are not dead, suggests that it is not important , those germs i mean; which means we should not be too concerned about it. after all, all of us have picked things up with our bare hands and eaten from it. and none of us have died in droves. so maybe it is not very important.

perhaps its significance is in spreading flu viruses. touching surfaces and then transferring the hand to near your nose, and so catch that virus. and that can happen anywhere, esp in buses and trains where u have to grab hold of support in the moving vehicle; so washing hands after the toilet wont really prevent that. 

i read this article in the guardian about the merits of the dyson air dryers and the paper towel. the dyson is very efficient. though it does make a lot of noise. i first came across it in the toilets in trafalgar square. it is very futuristic in design. 

essentially they tested the two methods of drying hands and show that the dyson does spread the virus on the hands. but of course if u have been washing your hands prior to using the dryer, the problem should not occur. there should be no germs or viruses to get blown about.

what they should test is how environmentally sound are the two methods. which method is more wasteful of energy and pollution of the environment. perhaps they should just tell people to carry a handkerchief, to wipe the water from their hands and not use any of those drying methods. that should save a lot of energy and stop polluting the environment with paper towels.

it is the wisdom of the age now to advise everyone to wash every time they go to the toilet, even if it is just to pee. or to flush everytime u use the toilet… must be really wasteful of water for places in the world where rainfall is low and water is precious.

here in uk, we got so much water, it does not matter but so many instructions about water usage comes from the west which have no problems with water and these instructions get carried to places with lack of water and willy nilly applied to them without thinking of the local consequences.

here in uk, we have water being released in the urinals, and it runs for quite a long time, whenever u approach the urinal and even after.  i think it wasteful of water, but then this country have a lot of it and can afford to waste it. right now it is raining outside as i write. haha.

personally i think it is not necessary to wash after peeing. in fact, i would suggest if u have to wash, u wash before peeing. with the amount of dirt that u can pick up on your hands, washing before peeing makes more sense. if u do a number 2, then of course u should wash your hands afterwards.

and u can pick up more germs touching the door handle to the toilet. or even the handle to the flush. so actually everywhere there are germs and we are not all dead. so maybe it is nothing to worry about, really and no need to do a michael jackson and wear white gloves haha.

i used to use paper towels to mop spilt water, or clean surfaces until i realise it really is very wasteful and expensive too. so i use a rag now. the rag can be cleaned with washing up liquid and reused, and u can sterilise the rag by microwaving it now and then. so what is there not to like? right? but nowadays everyone uses disposable paper. 


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