fun with emojis

20 Apr

london 6.32pm 15.4C sunny (setting sun is shining right into my bedroom window now) wednesday 2016

a few articles in the newspapers about emojis. how apple, google, facebook feature different emojis for the same emotion. 

Researchers last month showed emoji, used in text messages and social media, vary so radically across platforms such as iOS and Android that their meanings get easily muddled. The emoji illustrated above are meant to be the same, but vary dramatically across platforms

i did not know that. must be real confusing. and it seems i am not the only one who can be confused about it. it seems many people misinterpret the emojis and use them for other than it is depicted. as this post  and this one points out.

i dont have a smartphone so cannot bring up these imojis easily to send as text. and in wordpress i dont know how to get them. so i only use ‘haha’, to denote laughter, or to indicate that i am only joking; is there an emoji for it i wonder? certainly wordpress  does not translate it into an emoji. unlike if i use this… 🙂 . some message services will convert that into a smiling emoji. (added. i posted it and saw my typed symbol has been converted into a smiling emoji by wordpress. isn’t that interesting… 😉 (this is a winking and smiling mouth… i wonder what emoji wordpress will translate it into.) 

@) , ~), >) , x), :o, #),


Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

a large cappuccino, i got it from a voucher given by sainsburys when i redeem 100 points. very nice of the barista to give me the choice. usually they just give u a regular cup when u redeem points. so i shall come to this cafe nero in pimlico from now on when i want to redeem my points. i got another two vouchers to redeem. and it is very pleasant place, with free times newspaper to read and wifi.

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