induction hob

22 Apr

london 7.12pm 10.1C rain friday 2016

my cooker hob rings of my electric stove have kaput. all of them, except for one small ring. simon says it is my fault, for heating the pots when empty. i wanted to heat them up high, before adding the oil, so the oil dont burn. it takes a bit of time for the pots to heat up because the electric rings need time to get really red. so i would put them on, switch on the rings and go off to the toilet to pee. (it is a strange coincidence that, everytime i switch on that ring, i feel the urge to pee. haha). 

simon says that damage the rings. i dont think he is right. everyone who cooks with a wok will soon damage their rings if it is true. it is the done thing for us to heat the wok up real hot before we add the oil, because stir fry needs very high heat. i wonder perhaps it does damage the electric rings, because everyone i know in malaysia uses gas hobs. 

Tefal IH201840 Induction Hob £44.99

anyway, i have to get new ones. so i thought i shall buy an induction hob instead of getting a new oven. afterall the oven, and grill works fine.

and i want to use an induction hob . heard so much about it and eager to have one.

so i went into argos website and found one. and what’s more if i order it via my sainsburys nectar card i get double points.

so i reserved it and shall be going to the victoria station argos branch to pay for it and get it. i am really glad that they dont even want me to pay for it by credit card,because i got a new credit card sent to me to replace the old one as it is about to expire, and it is a contactless card which i am reluctant to activate.

i am really surprised at how easy it is to order one, while online. they make it so easy. and i dont have to wait in the flat for them to deliver as i can collect it myself at the branch near me. so i shall do it tomorrow. 

added.23.4.16 8.29pm 10.4C saturday 2016 i went and got it today. and it went very smoothly.

and i had stir fried rice with celery and cabbage and 2 eggs for my dinner and what was noticeable was how quick the oil heated and how hot it was. at one stage it switched itself off, and then a short time later started again . it got too hot, it seems. or maybe i could control it by lifting the wok and letting it cut out. 

so it is good to realise i dont have to wait for things to heat up like when i used the electric rings.

 i used my iron wok, and it had an uneven bottom, so it did not lie flat against the plate, but it still heated up so it seems it is not necessary to have a flat bottom. it is good that, because i like cooking with my wok esp for stir frying. and it saves me having to buy a steel frying pan. i guess later i shall get steel sauce pans, ( maybe i can get one from the charity shops, though i have discovered not all steel pans are suitable for the induction hob) as they are so quick to heat water, cooking will be more economical.

added. 10.05pm saturday 23.4.16 i just have a thought, this hob works with iron utensils, so i just remembered i have got a iron le cruesat, that have been with me for ages. i could use that on the hob. if it works it would save me having to buy new steel pans. 


4 Responses to “induction hob”

  1. dosirakbento Saturday April 23, 2016 at 6:48 am #

    I love induction, it responds quickly and so easy to clean the hob 😁
    Just make sure that the pan you use is suitable and has a totally flat bottom.

  2. alifesgayventure Saturday April 23, 2016 at 7:21 am #

    will it work on a iron wok? that is what i am using.


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