23 Apr

london 11.23am grey clouds but sunny , must be gaps in the clouds to allow the sun through. 9.4C saturday 2016

london 12.36pm 13.3C grey clouds friday 2016

i felt so gloomy yesterday , friday, because of all those deaths in the papers.

after i got home and had my lunch, which did cheer me up a bit, as it was a chicken curry that simon made from curry sauce in a jar;

 i thought i shall go out , even though there are grey clouds, but i thought getting out might cheer me up; and where else to go but to the aldi in old kent road. just for a destination, but also to buy … it is on the tip of my tongue, oh yes, cornflour.

i saw in the website that aldi is selling 500mg cornflour, for 62p, reduced from 65p. when u consider i have been buying tesco basic cornflour 250mg for 75p, i felt miffed that there is this one so cheap at aldi’s and i have not found it, even though i have been shopping there for a long time now.  anyway, when i did get to aldi, they have sold out of the cornflour, so i shall have to go another time, but i did manage to buy some veg, celery and cabbage, and cheap oranges 7 for 59p. so the journey was not completely wasted. haha.

but really it was just to get me out, and so when we hit a bad traffic jam near the roundabout where old kent road meets tower bridge road i was not too bothered and was able to figure out why there was such a jam. it was all due to a solid mass of traffic going up tower bridge road. as to why it was so, became clear only when i was on the way back and found whitehall completely lined with barriers. they were preparing for the london marathon on sunday and that was the reason for the traffic jam on the tower bridge road.

traffic was stopped to make it possible for the workmen to install and lay out all those steel barriers along the roads. it must be frustrating for the drivers… solid non moving traffic at a standstill all the way back to the elephant and castle when i was coming back on the other side of the road which was fortunately moving. it makes me scold myself for being depressed , when u can see all those people’s day being ruined.

maybe that little boy of 10 who said he was depressed might like to ask himself what in his short life is so bad to get depressed about. i think now and then a little kid can get frightened at all the doom and gloom stories he hears, from the news or from what he overhears his parents say. i remember once being quite disturbed by something, but luckily some one told me what is the worst that can happen, and what can i do about it, and when i said not a lot, he said then why worry about it? if it happens it happens, if not , not. either way worrying about it wont do anything.  it certainly cleared up that for me and i continued on my blissfully happy state having put it out of my mind. 


Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

national portrait gallery in the background. this was on the lamp posts. the words below it are st.martin-in-the-fields. which is the church on the corner of trafalgar square.



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