28 Apr

london 12.12pm 10.2C sunny thursday 2016

i have been going in and out of my flat trying to catch the sun. it keeps going behind a big cloud when i am sitting out there reading a new book i borrowed from the library, (mary beard’s roman empire. she is having a new tv series about it, and very enjoyable it is too.  the first one aired yesterday) , and coming out when i go indoors. i have given up on it, and now staying indoors to blog. haha.

i saw an article about a co op style accommodation , in willesden green, in zone 2 on the jubilee line,north london. it is like a bedsit with communal areas. rent is about £225 a week, all inclusive. u get your own bathroom/toilet, but share the small two hob kitchen with another, with a larger kitchen on each floor shared by about 50 others. then i saw dezeen featuring it in one of their posts.

it is certainly a long way from my bedsit days when it costs me only £80 a week, even then i got a big room. smaller rooms in the same building cost £50 a week. i got a small hob in my room all to myself(have to use a coin meter for electricity), share shower/toilet on each floor with 2 others. it is in a big house in balham, zone 3,south london in the 80s;  whilst this one is a converted office block. i think developers are seeing the potential for bedsit like accommodation for single people without tying them into a contract.

i am glad to say i have long ago got out of staying in bedsits and glad i bought a flat when it was still cheap to buy. it is not much fun if u are old and having to deal with landlords and pay rent… which will always go up and up .

added 29.4.16 friday. i read in the guardian, jonn elledge , saying it is an outrage… and likening it to a hall of residence for adults. its the cost he does not like. there is this one urbanest in westminster bridge, that i pass often, and its two some sharing a kitchen is all sold out. its location is very central, just across the westmnster bridge from house of parliament is next door to the really expensive hotel . i wonder if u have to be a student to stay there. 



Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

the green from newly sprouted buds is vibrant and vivid.


2 Responses to “accommodation”

  1. MELewis Thursday April 28, 2016 at 2:49 pm #

    Smart of you to have bought your flat. I read that younger people were not investing in property so much these days, but as you say, rents just keep going up!

    • alifesgayventure Thursday April 28, 2016 at 5:43 pm #

      it is too expensive that is why those young people do not buy flats. i think people will have to resign themselves to renting whilst they work in london, and renting rooms rather than a whole flat; amass enough money to then buy somewhere else to retire or bring up a family.

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