a day for going about in shorts

5 May

london 21.8C really sunny, blue sky thursday 2016 2.58pm

london is looking really lovely today. so warm that i went about in my shorts. took the bus to stockwell to the lidl’s there because i saw their advert in the metro this morning frozen king prawns 150mg for £1.59. they are allready usual priced quite a good price at £1.99, so this is even better. i bought 3packs to put in the freezer.

and the bus 88 has its airconditioner working so well, just the right cool temperature without going to the other extreme of freezing , unlike malaysian airconditioning in the buses or trains, where u have to carry around a sweater , even in the hot humid outside, just so u can wrap up and still shiver when inside their cold trains.

on the way back, i found a ear piece on the bus. it is a lovely blue colour. it is to hear sound in the laptop without disturbing others. i have wanted one so that i can hear things in the library… i have tried it out and i think one ear plug is not working. but the other ear plug is , so it suits me fine. and i have a holder for it,(found it long ago and kept it all this time) so that i can fold it up and it wont get entangled. 


Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

i googled sas earphones, and found that these earphones are given away free by the scandinavian airline.

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