london today is a place in the sun

6 May

london 4.48pm 21.9C (high of 23.8C) sunny friday 2016

i have been to the place in the sun exhibition in olympia earlier today. all those stalls selling property in all those countries in europe,mainly featuring  france, spain, italy, a small portion in greece, and even as far away as florida, usa. selling a dream really.

going there and coming back it was glorious sunshine, with people enjoying the sun in the seemingly endless greenery of parkland that comprise holland park and kensington gardens along whose southern boundary  the bus runs by. and i was thinking hmm, today of all days it is such a good advertisement to stay in london, in fact the whole weekend is going to be hot and sunny, all the things those who want to buy abroad look for and which is what entice them to go. and here we have it right at our doorstep as it were, without having to travel miles, or spending a fortune to get it. so why are we thinking of buying abroad then?

the big downside to uk is that the sun does not come up on order… whilst abroad in europe, it is reliable and delivers as promised. that is the big difference between the sun here and that in europe bordering the mediterranean sea, at least in summer. that sea and its tideless shores makes that region so enticing i think and their long dry hot summers makes it perfect for holiday makers. in fact, in olden days even their winters are cherished by brits and americans too. 

but i also am reminded that constant sun is not all that great either… without some variety to make u realise what it is u missed, u can get a bit fed up if it is always sunny and hot. and the hot arid landscape , all brown and parched is not really very easy on the eye, at least to me, who likes the green of england. 

you have to experience it to make u aware of it though… people who have never lived through a drought, (the endless days and nights of hot sweltering unrelenting heat can be murderous);  will never realise how wonderful it is to get rain. but the dream of hot summers by the sea somewhere in europe lives on in many of us living in uk.

in fact, i was thinking now anyone could go to little india, and order the different indian dishes and can transport themselves to india via the cuisine and this warm weather we are having now. in fact, they could do the same for every other country u can imagine, because london has the most complete service of all the cuisines of the world in one city. though the scenery which is unique to each country will be absent here of course. this is where nature tv programs can help bring us a taste of that country. immerse yourself in vivid HD as it shows u the local fauna and flora of faraway places  all in the comfort of your own home. perhaps that is why we all love a good nature program. and a lot of us must be grateful for david attenborough who turns 90 on sunday who with his life on earth nature program was the first nature program to  introduce us, or me at least, to this wonderful world; and  who will have the boaty macboatface ship be named after him. i think very appropriately too, even though i do love that boaty name. haha. they are not getting rid of it entirely as they will name the submersible after it. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera


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