9 May

london 11.15pm sunday 8.5.16, posted on monday 9.5.16 00.38am.

i have been out and about earlier , starting with going to the paddington library, to read the sunday papers. and as is my usual practise, i go into the waitrose there before the library. they have robinson’s squash drink 1.25litres reduced to 50p, usually £2. so i bought one. simon likes to drink it, but also i figured now the temperature is rising, it would be nice to have some cold drinks made out of squash.

added. 1.6.16 a few days ago i saw the empty bottle in my recycling bin. amazing, simon has drunk it all… how did he do it??? it is a concentrated drink. and very sweet, if he can get through such a big bottle in such a short time, i am glad i dont buy these things that often. i dont think they are healthy to drink. i was expecting it to last a year… in the end, i never did get to taste it. just as well i am easy about these things… because i dont really like these kind of suger drinks. 

in fact, today they have another good bargain in their oranges. each pack has 7oranges , they have a 3 pack for £2 offer on those, and u can mix and match with mandarins, and tomatoes. so that they cost 67p each. quite a good price that, and i was tempted to buy but it means carrying these heavy things around and i had intended to go to covent gdn after the library. 

added. 1.6.16 . another day i actually took these 3packs to the counter, and to my horror , was charged £4 for them. it seems they are 3 packs for the price of 2 packs. not £2. i misread it. well, i had to ask the assistant to cancel the sale…oh i dont get embarrassed at asking them to cancel it. haha. it is not so good a bargain.

there is a punch and judy festival there today. well, it is just an excuse to go out really to enjoy the sunshine that we are having. when it is shining like this, it seems a waste to stay at home. its a nice day and i enjoyed it very much. i packed a lunch sandwiches, and had them on the bus going to covent gdn. i am glad that here in london we dont ban eating in buses. thank goodness for that. 

i came back and tried to see tv, there was a cartoon film, called the rescuers, but i was so sleepy i went to bed and sleep instead.

when i woke up it was about 8pm. in time to catch the durrells, the tv program based on the corfu trilogy, this is the last of the series, and it is very thought provoking, and somewhat saddening. it is about the relationship problems of the humans in it, rather than the childlike exploration of the natural world by gerry, where none of these human relationships muddies the picture.

human interactions are rather saddening, i think, that is why it is so nice to have a childhood where u dont have to bother with them, and just enjoy the blissful ignorance of childhood and you never have to worry about anything really. that was the joy i felt when i read the book, and that is the joy i have with my own childhood. this adaptation is very clever, and very plausible to show how the adults and the others of his family might have lived. but it is rather unsettling, because it is so saddening.

well that was how i felt after seeing that episode, and my mood was made more saddening, when i saw RAN, later that night; it is a film by kurosawa and based on king lear, and it is really very gory and horrible with sons killing each other and their wives. i had to stop seeing it. it makes me too sad.  it makes me think that films really do make you have a depressed mood, so that i would advise people who are prone to depression not to see too many films. i dont think they are good for you. 

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2 Responses to “moods”

  1. Garfield Hug Thursday May 12, 2016 at 2:37 pm #

    Punch and Judy still exists!! Nice to know. I thought it would be extinct or a rare art form like our wayang.

    • alifesgayventure Thursday May 12, 2016 at 2:51 pm #

      i thought it was extinct too… instead they have this festival devoted to them, which happens every year. not that i have heard of it till now.
      it is because i dont take notice of those things. i suppose they perform at seaside towns but i have never seen them at the seaside in all the years i live here in uk, and even at this festival i did not have the patience to sit through a performance. i wonder whether punch still hit judy a lot ( that is the only thing i know about punch and judy) or have they got rid of that violence. i shall never know seeing i dont watch the shows.

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