fiamengo file on the ghomeshi verdict

11 May

london 10.24am wednesday 2016 rain 16.4C

i saw this in my wordpress reader feed, and it is so interesting that i want to link to it. it is prof fiamengo comments on the trial judge’s comments . 

the guardian report 24.3.16 on the verdict when it first came out.

latest developments, 2nd trial may not proceed because of this interview

it seems ghomeshi is going to sign a peace bond, which imposes restrictions on him,  but i think he might decide not to now that the second trial may not proceed…

even now with all the evidence that the women lied, there are still people willing to believe the women… it seems obvious that these women agreed to have sex with him, and then changed their minds, for whatever reason…  truly that old saying hell hath no fury as a woman scorned,  is very true.

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