16 May

london 8.30am 12.5C sunny monday 2016

it seems there is a domain called dot blog. and it is bought by alphabet(formerly google). google had bought blogger.com long ago; so i wonder whether its buying .blog as just a spoiler to prevent another big gun buying it. it seems they paid $20million for it, the highest price for any domain name. link it seems they used another company to bid for it which was registered in panama and just to bid for .blog, .news and .legal. they lost the two latter ones.

are blogs big businesses now? i thought not many people maintain a blog anymore what with twitter and facebook making it so easy to write short entries. perhaps there is a backlash against the intrusive nature of those two, with advertising being pushed so much that it becomes like more adverts than anything. and they are getting more news orientated too. the personal nature has gone out of them and so blogs are coming back into their own.

One bidder, publicly traded Minds+Machines, revealed that it had received $3.4m from withdrawing its applications from the private auctions for dot-blog and dot-store. Under the rules of that auction, run by Applicant Auction, the winner pays the second highest bidder’s bid and that sum is then split between all the participants.

very interesting way of paying the price… final bidder have to pay the others

even then, i dont see the benefit of having a .blog on my blog. what is the point? but then i am not a big player in this, so there might well be a lot of people who wants  .blog added to their blog name. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

the blue bells have seeded. those pods look like they will burst and scatter the seeds far and wide.


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