trying to do something else out of the rut.

18 May

london 11.40am 13.6C cloud. wednesday 2016

flowers are bursting out everywhere around me.

the bluebells , cherry blossoms are now gone, but in its place are a lot of others. taking their turn to show off as it were. they are the bright spots in my life. other than them, not much seem to interest me … friend telling me of his holiday in sicily do not make me wish i was there. and a naturist website conversation with a member who likes my post which i wrote a long time ago in my profile about going to studland bay; but it  does not make me wish i was going there now.

so i have been going into the world of the books i have borrowed … the earthsea trilogy and geek love. trying to go into a make belief world. i would like to go further into the corfu trilogy, the world of gerald durrell’s, but today when i wanted to renew the book, i saw someone had booked it so i had to return it. nevermind, i can find it again in future , so that world i can keep safe for another time. 

though tonight i shall go to see a film , part of the herne hill film festival … to see uncle boonme thai film. perhaps it might be interesting. … at least it gets me out of the flat and out of my routine. sometimes i do get stuck in a rut and take the easy way… so it is nice to have these film festivals of free films that they show in shops for people to gather and see… 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

i dont seem to be able to allow veiwers to enlarge the pic if it is a solitary picture.



but if i post two pics, it comes up like this and then it can be seen in its original size.

added 7.50pm 13.3C cloudy . the fact i am writing this now would show that i did not make it to the film.

i did arrive near the time, but it is a restaurant and all the tables were occupied, with diners. the screen was right in the same room, just a  room with a huge glass window to the outside which we can look in . the organiser was quite apologetic, saying they rely on businesses to volunteer their premises and obviously it is business as usual and some have booked tables , presumably for meals, to make sure they got a place. and he said they allready have to pay £150 for the film, so they do rely on the businesses to give them the premise.

well, it is quite understandable, after all everything is free…. so i did not see the film, but it did get me out of the flat, and as i have to change buses at brixton, it was lucky that i decided to buy ginger and chili while waiting in between buses.

i have run out of those two veg, so it was good to get them. i was at brixton  around 6.50pm and many of the regular shops were shut. whilst the eating places were opening and gearing up for their night diners.

waiting for the bus i saw continuous streams of people coming out of the brixton station. such a busy place, and so much traffic. in the bus i could not help noticing a lot of people were having long hair tied up in buns. the women have natural hair, the men have hair extensions, tied to their crinkly hairs. i could not help wondering how they slept. that bun will make it real uncomfortable to lie flat on the back , they will have to sleep with the head on the side surely… i was thinking ah humans, go on and make your life difficult why dont you , as if life is not difficult enough allready. 

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