steve hilton

23 May

london 8.26am 12.8C sunny monday 2016

i try not to link to any arguements for or against the EU referendum, as i have allready made up my mind about it. but this one by steve hilton, former adviser to david cameron seems like a insider look at the workings of the EU and his conclusion is leave, as it is not possible to govern the uk as a self ruling country if we remain. 2/3 of govt business is related to EU directives. if what he says is so, then we might as well just downgrade parliament to a uk council and let the EU govern us.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

it is the start of the chelsea flower show, so there will be lots of flower pictures coming our way. you know, looking at that rose, i am struck by how it is the only flower with that arrangement of petals. whorls within whorls. that must be unique.


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