wheels of business

26 May

london 8.33am 13.2C sunny thursday 2016

i thought i shall post buildings , otherwise i would get bored with all those flower pictures. this morning i saw that belgravia is having its own belgravia in bloom show too. belgravia includes that area around belgrave square.

i shall go look around there later today.  it is a nice change of scene. in fact a change of scene is really what makes life interesting. at least for me. and there is no need to go to another country for a change of scene.

i mean just look at me. within a short walking distance, there is the river scene, the thames is just nearby, then allthe houses in pimlico,and belgravia, looking like terraces of wedding cakes, and of course all those flowers and garden squares with their flowers bursting in bloom.

 further afield, in clerkenwell, they are having a design exhibition. in fact, there are so many things all screaming to gain your attention, u will be very frazzled if u go to them all. of course all these businesses putting on the show is to try to get u to go to that area and hope u will stay and look at their goods and buy something. if nothing else u will have tea there. or eat lunch or dinner there. (unlike me who bring my own packed lunch.haha)

whatever u do, as long as u buy from them, they will be glad of your custom. and i think the good thing about london is that there are enough people who would do it, and so make it worthwhile for the businesses to do it every year. all this keeps people who have the money or the time to do something to amuse themselves as well as provide a lot of others with work. remember that all of them will be pricey… but dont get envious if u cannot afford it. just think of it as the rich being fleeced and their money will subsidise all these stuff for u to browse along and enjoy their presentation without needing to buy anything.

u dont know how important it all is until u go to some village in another country ( i am thinking of a blog of a guy in pakistan who was lamenting that he could not find a job where he is) where the young people just cannot find work, and have nothing to do. no new businesses come into that area and the old, existent businesses just mark time, earning just enough business and profit to keep running to stand still, and keep only their old employees at work and not recruiting. there is no growth. nothing is going on there,  its frustrating for those young people.

it is very unlike london. how much of it is due to influx of visitors easily able to come from europe? perhaps quite a lot. that might explain why londoners lead the uk in the vote to remain.


this is pimlico, showing typical terrace houses in that area.

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